Research about MH370

"MH370 runway length required for landing"
Videos of 777-200ER landings on short runways.

"MH370 over mainland Malaysia at 07:00 MYT"
A credible witness saw a low-flying Malaysian Airlines plane over a housing area in inland peninsular Malaysia at about 07:00 MYT on 08 Mar 2014.

"Towards the Malacca Straits"
The Ipoh sighting, never reported by the english-language press, indicates that a search should be conducted at the Kusmin coordinates in the Malacca Straits.

"MH370: the Hasbi sighting"
A witness in inland Aceh, Indonesia, at about 03:15 MYT (nighttime) on 08 Mar 2014 saw a falling object burning with a blue colour. Was it a burning plane, or something else? With links to related videos.

"MH370: the Tee sighting"
A witness on a boat saw in the sky an object resembling a plane, with an orange glow, and with black smoke trailing behind it. This was in the nighttime, commencing at approximately 02:10 (UTC+7) on 08 Mar 2014. Here we examine the reported headings, and propose that the object flew away in the general direction of Banda Aceh airport.