Kitten in vase

This oil on board is by an unidentified artist (after a work by Horatio Couldery).  Unsigned. The painting itself is 248 x 198 mm.  Property of a relative.  One really needs to see this sweet little painting in person to fully appreciate it, therefore it will soon be offered in a traditional auction house where it can be viewed.

Royal Navy ex-warship at Portsmouth

A rare opportunity to acquire a watercolour of a sailing warship of the British Royal Navy converted to serve as a coal hulk.  Unsigned.  This tiny watercolour is 168 x 118 mm, is set in a later mount, but is not framed.  The date I would estimate at 1906 or earlier, and the location is Portsmouth.

Painting within a painting

An intriguing painting, by an unidentified artist, unsigned.  Within the painting is another painting, of a dancing couple who appear to be copied from Vettriano’s “Dance me to the end of love”.  Oil or acrylic on canvas 378 x 378 mm.  Framed.