Map of Westmoreland

A large old map print of Westmoreland on nice old textured paper.  495mm wide x 395mm high.  In a frame 545mm wide x 440 mm high, with glass.  If you would like more details and photos just ask.  No delivery. Collection in person only. All offers considered.

Portrait of a young lady

Unsigned and undated watercolour portrait of a young lady.  I would estimate it’s probably circa late 20th century.  Property of a relative, this came from a collection stored in a barn.  Visible painting area: 190 x 263 mm.  Set in a mount 338 x 408  mm. Unframed. All offers considered.


Walk from Shoreham to Pilgrims Way

By Christopher Sayers “The walk from Shoreham to the Pilgrims Way”.

Set in rural Kent.  Oil on board 470 x 298 mm. My partner really likes this and won’t allow me to sell it for too little. However, sensible offers will be considered.

Rural cottage watercolour

A small rustic watercolour in excellent condition.  (The photo shows only part of the painting).  A man accompanied by his dog carries firewood along a country lane, past a thatched cottage, outside which a woman stands with her geese. The washing is on the line, and smoke pours from the chimney. Ask for more details. All offers considered.


Superb waterfall 1889

Superbly painted watercolour of a waterfall, 129 years old, yet in pristine condition. This photo is of only the lower third of the painting, showing only the rocks at the base of the waterfall. Dated 1889 and monogrammed. In my opinion the best colour painting of a waterfall I have ever seen. Set in a new mount. Unframed. Please ask if you want me to post more details and photos.

Street scene in unknown town

Old small watercolour on board. Artist and age unknown, my guess would be maybe circa 1890s?  A woman with a basket walks through an arch or gateway, and indistinctly visible in the background are two people and a cart. Might be of historical interest but only if you can identify the town, I can’t.

St Ives impressionist

Photo shows zoomed-in detail from a small oil on board painting of a street scene in St Ives Cornwall.  Painted by an unidentified artist in an impressionist style with impasto brushwork.  144 x 194 mm. I would estimate this might be approximately circa 1920?  If interested please contact me for more details.

Coal hulk

Detail from a small watercolour of a coal hulk. This retired warship is probably the 106-gun HMS Trafalgar/Camperdown/Pitt launched 1820. Location probably Portsmouth. May be interest to collectors of naval history paintings.