E H Barlow signed coloured etching 1924

This is an original 1920s limited edition coloured etching of Babbacombe harbour in South Devon, with label and signature.
Signed lower right in pencil by Edward H Barlow, this is a real signature (not a signature reproduced in the plate).
Etching is 265x206mm, on thick paper 380x280mm, with original backboard 485x300mm.
Limited edition published in 1924 by F. A. Bendall, of Harborne Birmingham.

This coloured etching was sold originally for Two Guineas (£2 and 2 shillings) which was a lot of money back then.
Label states that this etching was limited to 300 after which the plate was to be destroyed.

No mount. Unframed. However also included is the original backboard which has on it the limited edition label.
I suggest re-using the old backboard (cut down as required) when you frame this etching, thus preserving the label.

The backboard is pleasantly browned and worn and the label is somewhat tattered.
The etching itself is in excellent condition.

Low starting price, to bid please visit the Ebay auction.

Map of Westmoreland

A large old map print of Westmoreland.  495mm wide x 395mm high.  In a frame 545mm wide x 440 mm high, with glass.  If you would like to see more details and photos just ask.  Collection in person only. No delivery.   £25.

Portrait of a young lady

Unsigned and undated watercolour portrait of a young lady.  Late 20th century.  Property of a relative, this came from a collection stored in a barn.  Visible painting area: 190 x 263 mm.  Set in a mount 338 x 408  mm. Unframed.  £25 + £5 UK delivery.


A scene near Shoreham Kent

Christopher Sayers “The walk from Shoreham to the Pilgrims Way “.

470 x 298 mm. Set in its original inner frame, no outer frame. Further photos and details available on request.  £200 + £7 UK delivery.

Rural cottage watercolour

A splendid rustic watercolour.  A man accompanied by his dog carries firewood along a country lane, past a thatched cottage, outside which a woman stands with her geese. The washing is on the line, and smoke pours from the chimney. This painting is now for sale on my  ebay site.


En grisaille by Ken Petts

Detail from a painting of a historical event in a barn in a London back street called Cato Street, not far from Edgware Road Tube station.  The site is nowadays marked by a blue plaque. Painted by Ken Petts in 1978.  En grisaille (grey tones) with red highlights. Currently  for sale in ebay auction.

Superb waterfall 1889

Watercolour of a waterfall. This photo is of the lower third of the painting, showing only the rocks at the base of the waterfall. Superbly painted. And in pristine condition. Dated 1889 and monogrammed. The best colour painting of a waterfall I have ever seen, in any medium. Set in a new mount. Unframed. Please ask if you want me to post more details and photos. £250 + £7 UK delivery.

Lady in a blue dress and pearls

Lots of hidden narrative here.  Can you hear a Cohen song within the painting within the painting?  It’s not difficult to guess who this unknown artist’s favourite artist is.  Oil on canvas.  Private collection.  Not for sale.

Circa late 19th century copy of a Botticelli

Property of an elderly relative, this is from a collection stored in a barn. On board. 188 x 273 mm. Circa late 19th century copy of Sandro Botticelli’s “Return of Judith to Bethulia”.  Botticelli became widely known in Britain in the 1800s, and a few British artists were inspired to emulate his work, this is one of those rare examples. Compare with the circa 1472 original painting by Botticelli here. Surprisingly the original was only slightly larger than this. Set in a new mount. Unframed. Further details and photos available on request.  £200 + £5 UK delivery.