St Ives impressionist

A beautiful little oil on board of a tiny lane. I have identified the village as St Ives Cornwall and the lane as Capel Court which was however referred to by the locals as Pudding Bag Lane or Pudden Bag Lane, a local linguistic equivalent of the french “cul-de-sac”. This lane was adjacent to the Sloop Inn. Oil on board. The painting is pleasantly small. Set in a new mount. Unframed. Dimensions of actual painting 144 x 194 mm. Overall dimensions of mount 210 x 297 mm. Painted in an impressionist style with lovely impasto brushwork. A woman and a child are depicted at the top end of the lane. Washed clothes are strung on a line above them. Estimated date: circa 1915-1920. Unsigned. There are considerable compositional similarities between the work offered here and a painting “A Street in St. Ives” in a book by George F. Nicholls published 1915. However the painting offered here is in my opinion in a different and more pleasing style and may well be by a different artist. See ebay listing.