Suisgill, Sutherland

Watercolour of Upper Suisgill in the Helmsdale valley in Sutherland Scotland. Signed with a monogram. Artist unidentified, needs research. Superbly framed by J & S Walker of Dornoch. For full details please email me.

Binley Colliery impressionist

A painting in impressionist style with slightly impasto brushwork which captures the landscape of Binley Colliery in 1958, just a few years before it closed.  This is near Coventry. May be of interest to collectors of paintings of the industrial and coal-mining history of the Midlands.  For more details and photos please email me.

Pair of river watercolours


Two small watercolours which in my opinion both depict the same stretch of river, from two different viewpoints.  By F. O. Robinson of Northampton.  Dated 1922 and 1923.  May be of interest to collectors of paintings by Northamptonshire artists.  For more details please email me.

James Ingham Riley: Coniston Water

“Coniston Water” by James Ingham Riley.  Superb signed watercolour set in the Lake District.  Framed by Beckstones of Penrith, Cumbria.  Actual painting is 504 x 237 mm, in frame 660 x 402 mm.  This is a favourite painting of my partner who would prefer to keep it, therefore I can’t sell it cheap, however sensible offers will be carefully considered.

Rudolf Anton Guba 1918


Oil on board by Rudolf Anton Guba (1884-1950) the german impressionist artist who lived in Hamburg (and later in Karlsbad / Karlovy Vary and Munich).

Signed “Rud Guba im Felde 1918”, the words “im Felde” suggest that this may have been painted whilst on active service, and therefore is not necessarily set in North Germany, but might even depict a scene in France or Russia or elsewhere.

The beautiful  multi-coloured impasto brushwork is outstandingly clean and fresh, thanks to having been carefully protected from the elements for 100 years.  It’s a joy to look at and visitors who see it imagine it must be by a French artist.

This is my own favourite painting, best I ever owned, therefore it will probably remain in my private collection, to delight visitors, however serious offers will be considered.

Arthur Billyeald watercolour 1895/6

Watercolour, beautiful composition, dated 1895 or 1896, by Arthur Billyeald, a listed artist who lived in Catford Bridge in south London.

In my opinion the thing that makes this painting so good, and which sets it apart from thousands of predictable “look at this pretty cottage” paintings, is that here there is absolutely no centre of attention: instead the eyes explore back and forth and up and down along the line of cottages, it’s just like being there.

I’m planning to keep this painting for my private collection, however serious offers will be considered.