F.O.Robinson: river scene 3, 1922

Watercolour. Signed lower right: “F.O.R. 12.12.22”. In original frame. I have identified the artist as F.O. Robinson of Northampton. Therefore a first guess of the location might be the River Nene or Cherwell in Northamptonshire. Close examination reveals that this is the same scene as depicted (from a different viewpoint) in its twin painting. Date: December 1922. Framer’s label: Frank Moss, Northampton. Dimensions: 263 x 183. At present this painting not for sale.

F.O.Robinson: child fishing, circa 1918

Watercolour of boy fishing with rod line float and jam-jar. In beautiful original frame. Initialled lower left “F.O.R.”. Undated. However by interpolation from other paintings I have by this artist, I can identify the artist as F.O.Robinson of Northampton, and the date as very close to 1918. The actual visible painting is 182 x 246. The glazed frame is 203 x 267 mm.

Rudolf Anton Guba 1918

By Rudolf Anton Guba (1884-1950) (Hamburg/Karlsbad/Munich). Oil on board. Signed lower left: “Rud Guba im Felde 1918”. Also signed faintly in pencil verso. The words “im Felde” indicate that this may have been painted whilst on active service. A pleasantly honest impressionist painting completely free of pretensions, with excellent multi-coloured impasto brushwork, and a joy to look at. This is one of my two favourite paintings by Guba (the other is “Straßenszene an einem Kanal in Hamburg”). Dimensions in mm: visible painting 429 x 319, board 436 x327, mount 550 x 444. In a new mount. Unframed.

Arthur Billyeald 1896: South London / Kent

Watercolour. Beautiful composition. Signed lower right: A.Billyeald 1896 (or possibly 1895). Presumably this is the artist listed in Dictionary of British Artists: Arthur Billyeald, Radcliffe Cottage, Catford Bridge, London. Exhibited 1882-1887: Royal Academy (1), Royal Society of British Artists (2). Dimensions in mm: actual visible painting 250 x 172, original mount 428 x 339. Unframed, but with original wood backboard with original framer’s label: Hugh Mackintosh, Poland St, London.