Langkawi and MH370

04 Mar 2019


There is one reported eye-witness account of the plane during the night flying low over Langkawi island, heading approximately N or NE, which is consistent with the plane having just flown over Langkawi airport. The wind was approximately 6 mph from the NNE. Therefore the path of the plane relative to the wind was optimum for landing. There were no ingoing or outgoing flights whatsoever at this time, therefore there was zero risk of collision with other planes taking off or landing there, because there were none. The reason for deciding not to land there in my opinion was the complete absence of runway illumination. This is illustrative of the extraordinarily difficult situation which these two brave pilots faced, with the severe problem of having a non-functioning radio, in attempting to find a runway for an emergency landing. This was the situation not only at Langkawi, but also at a number of other airports.

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