Articles about the search for MH370


See also: Research by DM (includes sighting of Malaysian Airlines plane near Ipoh at 0700 MYT)


MH370 possible ocean entry in daylight in northern Malacca Straits


Ocean drift and MH370


Kota Bharu and MH370


Langkawi and MH370


Penang and MH370


An accurate investigation method to locate MH370


Temperature, voltage, and satellite-to-aircraft distance


Idea for Satcom tests of the BTO method


Sightings from three fishing boats of a plane flying low and emitting smoke in the Malacca Strait


The Hendra sighting and the right-left flame-out sequence


The Manyak sighting: more details


The Manyak sighting of a low flying plane releasing smoke


Aviation waypoint TASEK


The Hendra boat and the Manyak boat were possibly both in the same small area of ocean