The Hendra boat and the Manyak boat were possibly both in the same small area of ocean

28 Jan 2019

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The crewmembers Hendra etc, of a small fishing boat based in Pangkalan Siata, eastern Aceh, saw a low-flying plane emitting smoke.

The crewmembers Manyak etc, of a small fishing boat based in Ulee Rubek, northern Aceh, saw a low-flying plane emitting smoke.

For the first boat, GPS coordinates were released of the boat's location.

For the second boat, the description by the crew enables an arc to be drawn on a map, with the boat's location being somewhere on or near that arc.

The areas fished by small fishing boats based in eastern and northern Aceh are vast. The land bases of these two boats are about 214km driving distance from each other.

However the conclusion of this research and calculations is that the 2 fishing boats are likely to have been fishing in relatively close proximity to each other, at the times their respective crews saw a plane.

It is calculated that the distance between the locations of these two boats may possibly even have been as small as 12 km.

The close proximity of these 2 fishing boats, when their crews saw a plane, indicates that the two sightings are mutually validating, that both crews did indeed see a plane, and that both crews saw the same plane.

Furthermore, descriptions by the crew of the first boat enable calculation of the approximate location where the plane disappeared from their view.

A green circle shows the area which is provisionally estimated to enclose the locations of both these fishing boats when they saw a plane and also the further location indicated by the crew of the first boat. This area is about 80 km east of, and slightly north of, Tanjung Jamboaye. This estimate is approximate and subject to change by further research.

(Note 1: Some news reports give an anomalous date for the sighting by the first boat, this will be dealt with in a later article).

(Note 2: A further sighting, by the crew of a small fishing boat from Pangkalan Susu, is not included in this article, pending further research).

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