Aviation waypoint Tasek

29 Jan 2019

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The coordinates and a map of aviation waypoint TASEK are available at [1].

The provisionally estimated positions of 3 small fishing boats, whose crews reported seeing a low-flying smoking plane, are described and mapped at [2].

Here I note that the estimated positions of the 3 boats are very approximately in the general vicinity of aviation waypoint TASEK, as shown on this map. Please note mapping is approximate.

In particular, the distance between fishing boat H, and waypoint TASEK, is provisionally estimated to be approximately 14 km.

The general proximity, of waypoint TASEK, and 3 sightings, may of course be purely coincidental, and irrelevant to solving the problem.

However I mention it just in case it may be of interest to other researchers.

If there is a pilot with experience of 777-200ER or similar willing to help, I would be interested to know: Is there any possible permutation of the programmings of all the various navigation and auto-pilot devices, which would result in the plane automatically flying to a specified waypoint and then automatically circling around that waypoint?

H = estimated position of Hendra boat,
K = estimated position of Kusmin boat,
M = estimated position of Manyak boat (somewhere within yellow area),
(The crews of all 3 boats saw a low-flying smoking plane),
TASEK = waypoint TASEK.

[1] https://opennav.com/waypoint/MY/TASEK

[2] coordinates5.htm

Copyright 2019 www.orbsi.uk

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