Temperature, voltage, and satellite-to-aircraft distance

14 Feb 2019


As far as I know, all of the calibrations and tests, of the BTO (Burst Timing Offset) distance calculation method, appear to have been performed with the SDU operating in normal air temperature and supplied with normal voltage.

In my opinion there is a significant possibility that commencing after the last voice radio contact, the SDU on MH370 may have suddenly begun operating in various non-normal air temperatures, and supplied with various non-normal voltages.

I would guess that significantly low voltage, or high temperature, or low temperature, might increase the SDU processing delay.

If so, then the true satellite-to-aircraft scalar distance at 08:19 MYT may be far less than the officially predicted distance.

Suggested tests of the SDU processing delay are at [1].

[1] Idea for Satcom tests of the BTO method

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