Research papers: Triple Star Systems

Orbit simulations of some hypothetical stable three-body systems
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129 theoretical retrograde 3-body systems are shown in motion, including some systems with the outer orbit period equal to, or even shorter than, the inner orbit period.

Computed light curve of a hypothetical eclipsing figure-eight triple star system
The computed sequence of eclipses and the generalised shape of the light curve of a hypothetical eclipsing figure-eight triple star system.
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Computed radial velocity curves for the figure-eight orbit
16 computed radial velocity curves for a hypothetical figure-eight triple star system. The curves have 2 or 3 maxima and 2 or 3 minima per orbital period, significantly different to binary star systems.
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A curious variation of the figure-eight orbit
Stable figure-eight orbits for three stars, which together librate back and forth through almost pi/2 radians, and also precess through a full circle.
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Animations of action-minimizing three-body orbits
Java orbit simulations for some of the 142 theoretical three-body systems described in a paper by Chen and Lin.
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Theoretical Partner-Swapping in Triple Star Systems
This orbit simulation shows a triple star system in motion with repeated orbit-swapping
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