Simulator API

Here's how to put your simulations on your own research website, so that they automatically run in the simulator.

1. Upload one of your simulation XML files to your own website.

2. Get a shortened URL for the internet address of your XML file (by visiting bitly.com).

3. Construct a simulator URL . . .

For example, if the shortened URL of your XML file is


then the URL which will request the simulator to run your simulation is


4. On your own webpage add a hyperlink whose destination is the simulator URL you just constructed.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each simulation XML file you put on your website.

Notes: (a) The instructions above work only with bit.ly shortened URLs.
(b) Simulator availability is not guaranteed.
(c) Access to simulator via API is restricted to genuine (professional or amateur) non-commercial non-advertising research websites only.

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